Monday, July 04, 2005

Such a magnificent return

Where have you all been ... oh, yeah, fair point, it was me that disappeared. I have been mentally posting blog entries but that isn't really the same now is it? I planned to catch up by backdating all those posts so I could fill the void of my disappearance ... but the blogging gods conspired against me and afterall that's not very honest so here goes, little steps ...

Here is a Paul Frank inspired picture that I did for *a very close friend who is a ridiculously modest photographer of note* ... my friend loves Julius so I did it as a surprise gift for her birthday.

... and she liked it so much she framed it and hung it up in her house ... shucks!

That makes a grand total of 4 ... count 'em ... houses with my art works on the wall. 2 of them are now featured on this blog so I'll get the other 2 posted soon for completeness sake (ah, the joy of being a virgo).

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