Monday, January 14, 2008

Everyone look busy, Mr Maisel's coming!

People say you should never meet your heroes lest they horribly disappoint you and make you forever disillusioned with all those people you've carefully been placing on pedestals over the years ... I've managed to avoid this risk of certain disappointment by interviewing one of my heroes instead ... as announced just over a month ago, the ever-inspiring Eric Maisel will be stopping off at my humble little blog on February 9th. So in just under a month I'll be hosting Eric as part of his virtual book tour for a new edition of 'Van Gogh Blues'. I have the chance to ask Eric questions about his book and just about anything else that's related (I guess) ... no of course I'm not scared, nope, not scared in the slightest. To be honest my mind is a big gaping void of nothing-ness exactly where all the 'questions for Eric' should be piling up ... it's practically like meditation in there! It's also fairly blank when I try to recall what I was thinking when I put my blog forward as a host. Still I'm looking forward to it and am feeling so honoured when I look at the company I'll be keeping on this tour ... just take a look at my immediate neighbours ...

Appearing directly before me is - Jan has some gorgeous prints and sketches on her blog ... she also owns a Gocco printer (so jealous!) and has just opened a beautiful etsy store - if you love teacups and graphic prints full of charm then you'll feel right at home.

Then following after me is - Anne is a painter whose paintings are vibrant expansive canvases full of energy, movement and a sense of quiet kind of drama ... I'm smitten with her colour-filled cityscapes - they're the perfect antidote to the wet and gloomy weather we're currently having here in York :-)

Eric's tour kicked off today with his first stop at ... I'm not looking until I've had a go at coming up with my questions, but don't let that stop you heading off and taking a peak - I'll catch you up :-) You can follow the rest of the tour by taking a look at the tour schedule here.


Jan said...

Hi Helen, I love this post! So witty! And thanks for the plug for my blog and shop. It is going to be an exciting time isn't it.

Janet Grace Riehl said...

It should be an interesting tea party. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be in the same physical room having a book group discussion? Yet, this blog book tour is a good substitute.

My interveiw with Eric Maisel on "The Van Gough Blues" is now posted on Riehlife. Our theme is CONNECTION...within the self...and comparing cultural connections.

Looking forward to the conversation as it develops across all of our sites.

Janet Riehl

creating in the dark said...

Thank you for your comments ladies :-)

Anne Marchand said...

Very charming Helen and a great blog tour intro. Thanks for the mention of my work and blog.
Anne Marchand