Friday, February 01, 2008

A few things you should know about me {Part 1}

I thought that the arrival of a few new friends to my blog would be a good chance to tell the world a bit more about me by giving you a glimpse at the things and people who inspire me ... I'm having a little trouble uploading images so please click on the images to see them in their full glory on my Flickr stream (and go visit the very talented photographers' photo streams while you're there)

I have a lot of creativity locked up in a million different boxes inside me. I've spent the last few years searching for keys that fit each box and unlocking them one by one.

unlocking my hopes and fears
(c) Persisting Stars and Tamara Paetkau

I get a kick out of helping people and love red shoes so I relate to Dorothy

my Dorothy complex
(c) EvilxElf, Garden Hoe, Clumsy Girl and Laura Wood

I am captivated by fragile beauty and jewel-like colours

fragile beauty
(c) f/1.4, Travis bda, vani-tea and Persisting Stars

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