Monday, July 14, 2008

it's taken a while to come back down to earth {wip}

I set my face to the hillside
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I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I said goodbye to all the lovely ladies I met at the Art Nest retreat in Park City, Utah ... how will I ever find the words to describe such a wonderful experience?

I headed to Utah with a bundle of impossibly high expectations and creative dreams tangled up inside me ... this was my first trip abroad on my own and it was a journey that I somehow felt I *just had to make* ... it's been tricky to explain to people why I felt I had to spend hundreds (and hundreds) of pounds to travel thousands of miles to attend a 3-day art retreat ... not an easy thing to explain to myself let alone anyone else! I can only blame the very persuasive Julie and Candice who somehow reached their caring embrace out across the Alantic and told me "keep following your brave and bold notions" ... how could I turn them down?

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Beth Quinn said...

hi helen!!!!!!! so glad you are back blogging - you did the right thing by attending the retreat of a lifetime and what a gorgeous place for you to visit !!!!! it was so fun meeting you my friend !! please stay in touch!!! and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog !!!