Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Your 'Promise' Has Been Duly Discarded and Disregarded

'So Much For Your *New and Unique Promise*'

Far too often the advertising suits get a *little* over-excited and carried away, making overblown statements with no substance to back them up ... so (while I in no way condone littering) it seemed fitting to see this unwanted flyer discarded in an off the beaten track footpath in York. If my corporate branding radar is correct I believe it could be an ad for the AA (the roadside recovery outfit rather than the other one) so heaven knows what the marvelous life-changing £40* (the * in this usually denotes that they are intentionally misleading you and are legally obliged to drop you a clue) is all about ... seems like quite a bit of dosh to me so it would have to be truly exceptional to tempt me (particularly as I'd have to buy a car first).

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Maggie said...

Thanks for the suggestion for the wheelie bin! Not sure if the council will allow it - apparently purple is Liverpool's corporate colour. Next time we're in touch with Liverpool Direct we'll ask. Have noted the site though, and am keeping fingers crossed! Other option is to build a hutch for it, but we're hoping to deck part of the yard so I can get out more easily, so not sure where we can find the space. I loathe the thing, if only it was green I could live with it. I'm beginning to sound like Victor Meldrew!